Twittervideo = Twitter Love

Mais uma musica inspirada pelo Twitter

Well I was checkin’ out my twitter, about to say good bye
That’s when I checked all my mentions, saw a new reply
It was @sxeboss hey you’re pretty cute
I clicked the link to her page and that’s when I knew

Her name was so sweet, hotgirl19
She had some pretty nice twits, if you know what I mean
So I reply, hey what’s up you’re not too bad yourself
My palms were so sweaty I almost could not spell

How do you tweet “I love you”
Do you make it a reply
Cause I’m runnin’ out of characters
To say what’s on my mind
And baby people deceive, but my twitter will not lie

So I followed her, and baby she followed me
And our souls intertwined with each and every tweet
I couldn’t wait to meet her, but I did not mind
Cause all the twit pics she sent me kept me occupied

So baby message me and I won’t tweet you wrong
And if the fail whale comes I’ll refresh till it’s gone
Yeah I’m not a twitter pimp, but I’m sure feelin’ good
I asked her if she’d meet me and she said she would